Outdoor Concepts in 2019

Outdoor kitchens are not something new in Naples, but in the recent period their popularity has increased rapidly. One of the reasons for this change is the fact that Florida homeowners have access to more materials, piece of furniture and other elements that can help them build a perfect outdoor kitchen. If you are interested in building an outdoor kitchen, you should know that they are like any other room in your house, except this time you will create a room that is outside the walls of your house, usually exposed to sun. Without any doubt, building an outdoor kitchen in Florida is useful, but in order to enjoy the benefits of using an outdoor kitchen, you will need to take some professional tips into consideration.

Make a good plan

Before you actually start building an outdoor kitchen in Naples, you should take some time to make a good plan. In other words, you must know what kind of kitchen you want and what you need from this kitchen. Some of the things that you should determine are the size of this kitchen, the exact location, its functionality, appearance etc. It is also good to point out that these kitchens are usually not made to replace indoor kitchen completely which means that you won’t need all the elements that a standard kitchen has.


Since this kitchen is out of your house you can choose a different style compared to the rooms you have inside. Basically, you can choose between modern, classic, basic or even economical styles and concepts. Depending on the style of your home and the position of your outdoor kitchen, it may be a good idea to choose a style that matches the concept and style of your house.

Using equipment and technology

Just like in the case of regular kitchens, outdoor kitchens need technology and equipment. What makes outdoor kitchens different is the fact that they are more exposed to the weather’s impact. This is the reason why many professionals in this field highly recommend the use of rust-proof devices and equipment. Every piece of equipment you use outdoors must be very durable and built to last. Sun exposure, temperature changes, rain – these are some of the things that will affect the integrity of the equipment. So, they should definitely be resistant to different types of weather even though the weather is Florida is not changing so drastically throughout the year.

Separate areas

Once again, the outdoor kitchen follows some of the traditional concepts of kitchens. In other words, you must designate an area for preparing food, cooking food, washing etc.