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Relax or Entertain with a Gas Fire Pit or Brick Oven

The word “Entertain” evokes feelings of comradely, friendship and warmth for many people. A crackling fire on a clear starry night has the ability to relax you after a long, stressful day at work or the ability to make a cozy weekend day spent at home with your significant other or your friends. If you’ve always wanted an fire pit or brick oven to compliment your backyard entertaining area, Accurate Kitchens can help transform your vision to reality.  Accurate Outdoor Kitchens will work with you to find the right fire pit or Brick oven at our new indoor showroom in Bonita Springs. Choose from our large selection of gas fire pits and brick ovens ranging from classic styles to custom designs. We can build most anything in most any material.

As one of the largest manufacturers of fire pits and brick ovens in Southwest Florida, we have been creating one of a kind outdoor kitchens, grills, Brick ovens, fire pits and places to complete your vision for the perfect backyard resort.

When you visit our showroom one of our expertly trained staff members can help walk you through the process of building your very own fire pit or outdoor brick oven. Our inventory offers a wide variety of products for all budgets and styles.

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